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Eyelash Extension Course – Bath

The Eyelash Extension Course in Bath will cover how the eyelash extensions work and at the end of the course you will understand benefits of eyelash extensions and the hair growth and the cycle of natural eyelashes. You will be able to carry out a consultation with your customer with the confidence of the a professional technician. You will be able to do a patch test and recognise and understand contra-indications and contra-actions of the treatment.

You’ll be better prepared and able to plan treatments. Have a more in-depth knowledge of products, application, maintenance and removal of eyelash extensions. You will also be able to give aftercare and troubleshooting advice with total confidence.

All aspects of health and safety law, the data protection act and not forgetting our professionalism and code of ethics salon hygiene and sterilisation Methods. All the above will allow you to apply for the compulsory insurance that is required to work in this beauty field.

When you finish your training you will not only walk away with your Premium Eyelash Academy certificate, but also with the tools to get started straight away with the free starter kit that is included in the course fee.  Visit this link for more details on Eyelash Extension Course  in Bath

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