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Russian Lashes

I am now offering Russian Lashes, this technique is also known as 3D lashes or even 6D lashes, and is now the most popular treatments in the UK.

This style is ideal for customers that want a fuller look. The technique involves placing individual lashes on top of each other on a single natural lash, the more layers, the fuller they will look. This technique is also great if you have a few lashes I can still achieve a natural look.

I have had some customers who have come to me asking if I can do an infill on their Russian lashes. Only to find that the technician has used cluster lashes, which are nowhere near the quality of Russian lashes, for a start, cluster lashes are placed on many natural lashes and will cause damage to the natural lash.

If you decide to go elsewhere, please make sure they are not using cluster lashes, personally, I think they should be banned.

To arrange a booking or if you need some more information just give me a call on 0783 55 200 48.

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