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Eyelash Extensions Cardiff

If you are wanting Eyelash Extensions in Cardiff then come to me, however If you are thinking about having individual eyelash extensions and are not local then please don’t be afraid of asking these questions before having the eyelash extensions applied. I have also added the answers you should be looking for from the eyelash technician.
1. How long has the eyelash technician been applying the semi-permanent eyelash extensions
Ideally you want someone who has got at least 6 months experience. To apply the lashes well, takes a lot of hand eye co-ordination. Not something that happens overnight.
2. Have they got photos of THEIR OWN WORK to show you?
This is most important. Most eyelash technicians will have on show lots of glossy pictures from various companies showing beautiful long lashes. This does not mean the person you are talking to can do this for you.
3. How many lashes will they put on for the price?
The amount of lashes someone will apply usually varies from 30 to 150. Its a massive difference and the result is obviously completely different. Also some eyelash technicians use the thickest lash possible to get maximum result with the least work with no regard to the health of your natural lash.
4. Do they separate each eyelash and apply a lash to it?
This is a good test of your eyelash technicians skill. If you can comb through them right from the base without even a tiny lash being caught in with another, even at the base where the tiny lashes are, that is what your’e looking for. If you have even two lashes caught together, one will grow at a different rate to the other and start pulling on the slower growing one. It HURTS, its sore and can pull out the slower growing lash.
5. What type of eyelash extensions do they apply i.e what are they made of?
There are synthetic (polyester), silk and mink mainly on offer. All are good when used correctly. Be wary of cheap, thick, hard plastic lashes, usually imports. A good lash will be very light, springy, flexible, thicker at the base, tapering to a fine point.

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