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Fix & Repair

I am happy to remove eyelash extensions for no charge. I have never had to remove lashes which i have applied however i have had a number of customers who have come to me who have had bad experiences.
These have been:-

  • Unhappy with the style
  • Clumping
  • Too much glue used
  • Causing damage to the natural eyelash

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

To maintain your eyelash extensions, the following instructions should be followed:

  • No use of waterproof mascara
  • No use of oil based products around the eye area
  • No water or oil to come in contact with the eye area within 24 hours of the eyelash extension procedure
  • No sauna or hot tub for 48 hours after the eyelash extension procedure
  • No use of eyelash curlers
  • No tinting or perming of the natural lashes while wearing eyelash extensions
  • No continuous tugging, rubbing or pulling on the eyelash extensions
  • Use caution when blow-drying hair (extensive heat on lashes could distort the shape of the extensions)
  • It is normal for the client to experience the loss of a few lashes during the first 24hrs after the application
  • Be gentle with the lash extensions, avoid tugging and getting them caught on clothes and towels
  • Never pull off the eyelash extensions as this will pull out your natural eyelashes
  • Gently comb through the lashes each morning to maintain a good appearance
  • Schedule your appointment within 2-4 weeks of your initial eyelash extension procedure for infill


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