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Cosmo lashed out and got some serious eyewear with semi-permanent eyelash extensions that give you flirty fabulous lashes for four weeks

As much as I love the faux and fluttering look false lashes give, I don’t find them that dissimilar from my toe-torturing Jimmy Choo sandals – they look incredible but are an absolute pain to put on and wearing them for a whole night can be as strenuous as climbing Everest. Because of the love (and hate) affair I also share with false lashes I put the tiny tubes of eyelash glue in the bin along with the plethora of plastic eyelashes that would test the patience of a nail art manicurist and decided to get lashed by the pros.
Semi permanent eyelashes are synthetic strands that are individually applied to your natural lashes by a trained technician who uses a gentle bonding glue that doesn’t damage the natural lash. You can choose what look you want including clubbing classic, the coloured lash, the thickness from delicate to dramatic and of course the length. The two hour session seems hardcore but book yours at the end of the day or early on a weekend and you can always have a little snooze as you’ll be lying horizontal on a bed with your eyes closed so it’d be rude not to drop off.

After a brief consultation to assess what look you’re after, your bottom lids are softly pressed down -with either pads or surgical tape. You then have to keep your eyes shut while your technician applies each lash individually. When your time is up, you’ll have a stunning set of lashes that feel strangely light as if your eyes are naked without any makeup. Although for nights out or for the mascara-addict you can purchase an extension-friendly clear mascara. They last up to a month, but the first two weeks are when you’ll be at your most fluttering fabulous and you can wear your usual eye make up as normal minus the mascara. As your own lashes naturally fall out the false ones will come with them so you won’t notice a dramatic difference and some of mine lasted six weeks!

It can be a bit annoying losing your fave mascara for a month and you have to be really gentle when taking off your makeup, which is annoying if you use facial scrubs and masks. But then you will have a stunning set of lashes and when you wake up in the morning without makeup you’ll still look good.
So get flirting with your falsies as you ditch your mascara wands in favour of some semi-permanent eyelash extensions.


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