When you blink... no one will miss it...

The beauty of semi-permanent eyelash extensions is that they feel like your natural eyelashes. They are so light you won’t even feel them on your eyes, and because they look natural, no-one will notice they are not real. In fact, you will find that your friends will ask if you are using a new mascara – they will notice the difference!


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Individual Eyelash Extensions

Individual eyelash extensions are relatively new phenomena, so there are lots of myths and rumours that simply are not true.

Eyelash extensions are like hair extensions for your lashes. They make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer which makes your eyes look wider and more dramatic. Banish the time-consuming curling of eyelashes and application of mascara with eyelash extensions. No more clumping, and no more smudging, just thick, beautiful lashes.

Eyelash extensions are not strips of fake eyelashes. They are individual extensions made from silk, mink or synthetic material that matches your existing eyelash colour and texture. A special bonding agent is applied to each extension and attached to your existing lashes, so the process does take a while longer than attaching false eyelashes. The extensions look completely natural because the bond created is flexible and durable. The extensions are weightless, so you don’t feel their presence.

Eyelashes follow a growth cycle of between three and six weeks, and when your natural eyelash falls out, the extension falls out with it. Touch ups every 3/4 weeks are recommended to keep your lashes looking natural and full. If you are only having the eyelash extensions applied for a special occasion like a wedding, you can have them removed after a few weeks to prevent them from looking patchy.

Individual semi-permanent eyelash extensions are easy to look after. You should not use any oil-based makeup remover or creams on them, as these can make the adhesive loose and the extensions will fall off. Rubbing your eyes is a no-no, as the extensions can loosen and fall off or break. Other than those precautions, your extensions are care-free.

Looking good is easy with eyelash extensions. Long, full eyelashes make anyone’s eyes look bigger and brighter, and achieving that effect without the fuss of mascara is definitely worth looking into.

If you want eyelash extensions, but for whatever reason you want someone else to apply them, then please go to my page Eyelash Extensions Cardiff to see some questions perhaps you should ask the eyelash technician.

Russian Lashes

I am now offering Russian Lashes, this technique is also known as 3D lashes or even 6D lashes, and is now the most popular treatments in the UK.

This style is ideal for customers that want a fuller look. The technique involves placing individual lashes on top of each other on a single natural lash, the more layers, the fuller they will look. This technique is also great if you have a few lashes I can still achieve a natural look.

I have had some customers who have come to me asking if I can do an infill on their Russian lashes. Only to find that the technician has used cluster lashes, which are nowhere near the quality of Russian lashes, for a start, cluster lashes are placed on many natural lashes and will cause damage to the natural lash.

If you decide to go elsewhere, please make sure they are not using cluster lashes, personally, I think they should be banned.


Out of all the gazillion products and procedures we can use to give or enhance our eyebrows, there is one treatment that stands out. You know it! and unless you’ve been hiding your eyebrows under a rock you would know it… This procedure has taken social media by storm and countless male and of cause female celebrities have had it done.

Drum role please!!! Its microblading, the process of adding tiny brow hairs under and around your existing eyebrows by tattooing semi permanent ink to create the look of fuller and ultra defined brows.

Lashes by Emma is proud to tell you that she is now fully qualified to provide this solution through her City Brows brand.

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